Thursday, 28 September 2017

SEM Workshop: 6 days, 83 students, 3 microscopes and lots of help!

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I got back from Shanghai and photos are now coming in from students and organisers. Below are a select few but you can find more and details of the programme syllabus and participants here.


It was great to meet such curious and hard working students from Fudan, Jiao Tong, etc. and I hope that next year’s workshop will see students from Exeter come and learn about SEM.

It was so good to see Terasaki-Sensei again and discuss our now diverging research. Yanhang I last saw for his PhD defence in Stockholm 2 years ago and he is now very much an integral part of the SPST department. The last time I saw Asahina-San was 4 years ago (FOUR?!) at The Manchester Microscopy Conference and I enjoyed hearing updates of his family.

Thank you to everyone who took part especially Osamu for hosting and ShanghaiTech and JEOL for providing the support. And to the students for asking lots of difficult questions!