Wednesday, 18 October 2017

You have the power to make my commute safer, easier and more environmentally friendly!

Yes you do!

And all it takes is three clicks and the typing of your name in my petition at

Since moving out of Exeter, I’ve come to embrace my commute.  I wake each morning this time of year to the sound of the Raven cronking from one to the other from the street’s rooftops.  I have a regularly misty ride through the relatively quiet terraced streets of Taunton to the train station. So far, so good.  It was a wonderful surprise to learn that the 26 minute train ride across the levels of Somerset would actually be a very welcome addition to my daily routine.   There are more spectacular routes locally, such as the line between Exeter to Plymouth that takes you right next to the sea.  Windy days are accompanied by sea spray against the carriage windows.  It’s wonderful.  Taunton to Exeter is a little less exciting however it suits me perfectly.  The vibrations of the carriage and the parallel conversations of fellow passengers is enough white noise to get me into work mood so that I sit with my laptop and whizz through the last 24 hours of emails every time.

“Next Wednesday at 10.”
“Please call.”

Arriving at Exeter St. David’s, with an empty inbox I  jump on the minibus provided by the University to ferry staff to and from campus.  The alternative is a 15 minute / 190 kcal hike (whichever comes first).

Exercise, nature, efficiency. All appears perfect, except there is one big problem with a relatively easy solution.
Great to see so many bicycles on Taunton platform.  However, such a full set means plenty more cyclists want to use them.
Beyond the eye-watering cost of train travel, even with a monthly rail pass, there is a much bigger issue which I know affects us commuters:  the lack of bicycle space on GWR’s Taunton Station platforms.  It is a common experience to arrive at the station and find them all full.  Many of us are desperate so we have to drag our bikes onto the train to the discomfort of everyone or, have to catch a later train and hope that those alighting will take their bicycles with them.

Please sign my petition at
But what about the less desperate? Those who have the choice of taking the car to work in the morning? They are certainly less likely to use the train given the choice.  We can encourage them to take the greener option if there were more racks.

Dear reader: you have the power to make Taunton Railway Station listen to our concerns.  What we ask are extra racks (a simple piece of u-shaped metal bolted to the station) and in exchange we cut carbon emissions,  increase journey comfort, and create revenue for GWR. Everyone wins!   If you care, please sign.  Thank you.

Here endeth the sermon.