Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Second And Third Rules Of Crohns Disease

I prioritised listening to yourself as the first rule of Crohns disease because the bowel is not really that well understood along with associated symptoms.  Rules two and three refine that statement into something more useful.  Rule Two:

Rule 2: Don’t beat yourself up over a happy day that ends up full of pain.
Our brains are designed to recognise that pain is something to be avoided and relates to immediate preceding reactions.  We all learn very quickly not to stick our hands in a fire after our first experience.  Beyond our primitive ways, we have to recognise that the bowels do not work in this way.  The damage will have been incremental and cumulative and when you feel pain it means that you have likely been doing something wrong for a while. Sure, you may have been laughing at a good joke and you have hurt your sides and you may have made it worse by doing so, but the underlying compromise to your bowel structure was there before the punchline was given and you probably needed a good laugh anyway.  The next rule must therefore be:

Rule 3: Any attempted improvement will take time to notice - but stick with it.
You might be doing the right thing but the pain is still there as repair takes time.  This can make identification of factors that can either harm or heal very time consuming. You can not change too much at once else you will not know the exact cause.  If you do, you will become superstitious rather than precise and you will be giving up things you don’t need to!  That will be such a sad thing in the long-run.   It is worth taking your time to find out the culprit of your pain.  I will almost certainly post something in the future about what worked for me personally, but I need to start writing up rule number four first.

Until then, take care.