Friday, 15 December 2017

The Fifth Rule Of Crohns Disease

This is my final post on the five rules of Crohns disease.  Rule four is certainly the hardest to deal with: Crohns affects you in ways others will not understand however that will make you a better communicator. Crohns affects you in ways you yourself will not recognise and that is very difficult to acknowledge even before you are ready to improve. You have to see yourself from different perspectives, many of which are uncomfortable for your ego.

It is a battle on multiple fronts and that is something you are going to have work out for yourself. In fact:

Rule 5: Crohns correctly treated will make you a better person

The final rule of living with Crohns is a hopeful one and quite right too.  You have got to be disciplined but you have also got to let go appropriately.  Neither are correct in exclusivity.  It is not easy but it is something every human should do if they want to be the best they can be.  We all really want to indulge in things we did as children but we soon realised we needed to grow up and learn to share and then earn money if we want any of those indulgences to come true.  You are going to become more than a grown up to stay on top of this disease!  You are going to be the best of both!  Many people are too much either end of the spectrum: they forget what makes them happy or they are too selfish to actually get what they want. It is an intricate balance and will take you the rest of your life to get it right.  Crohns is just an accelerator as the punishment for not following this path is not only an unhappy life but a very viscerally painful one.   Crohns will make you wiser, more mature, kinder, happy and a positive influence in the universe.  I truly believe that.  I wish you the best of luck.