Wednesday, 3 January 2018

RSC Top of the Bench

On the penultimate day of Autumn term, whilst many undergrads were still receiving lectures, I spent the day in the Geoffrey Pope collaborative laboratory with 36 high school students from across the South West as part of the regional heat of the RSC Top of the Bench. 

It seemed appropriate to investigate the vitamin C of various fruits and vegetables, particularly as Nick Smirnoff had just delivered his inaugural lecture on his groundbreaking work on the topic.

Carrots were smashed and bashed. Strawberries were grated and eviscerated (but not masticated - this is a lab after all, no matter how tempting they looked).   The students were much tidier than most of my undergrads and extremely competitive.

Despite the day having an end of year frivolity to it, underneath was alot of science. As always, the students were able to think up questions that I had to think about and some of their attempts to apply scientific rigour were University standard.  Well done to all that took part.

A big thank you to Kate, Ben, Connor and Skye for helping with the event. I could not have done it without you all.


Skye and Connor: Demonstrators and judges for the day.
First you make the standard...

...and then you test it on the fruit!

Proud of their calculations - and correctly so!

The winning team from The Thomas Hardye School, Dorset

Ben Natha shows students the aquarium facilities at Geoffrey Pope.

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  1. Well done Sam, the schools really enjoyed the day! Kate, RSC Ed Coordinator