Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Resolution On Movie Literacy

What's your New Year's Resolution?  Mine is to expand on my movie tastes.

Last year I took the decision to reduce the number of subscription services I pay for and instead spend the money on actual films I wanted to see.  It actually works out cheaper but finding the inspiration is starting to fade - particularly as so many around me only seem to watch superhero movies.

To invigorate the quest I have decided to turn to my favourite film critic, Mark Kermode for inspiration.  It has become a tradition between Christmas and New Year to enjoy watching his list of the top 10 best (and worst) films of the year but I could not find an aggregation anywhere online.  

I have therefore put this list together of Mark Kermode's best films of the year dating back to 2007. That is 100 films to get your teeth into. 2 a week should see me through the year (but I'm not sticking to that - just a heads up).  You are welcome to download it and to edit should you spot something I have missed.  I hope it serves you well.


Click to view the list.

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