Monday, 7 May 2018

Surviving in Shanghai

I have to be quite careful here.

Moving to Shanghai has been adventure.  I've made lots of mistakes and lots of surprises.  I've ordered food expecting it to be sweet and it's full of meat and vice versa.  Those kind of things make progress slow but rewarding and certainly fun.

Every journey begins with a first step, and a big shop.
I'm desperate to share them but this is not the platform.  My Visa doesn't allow journalism of any form,hHowever, I do feel the need to communicate something about my establishment of my office, a tidy home and a functioning smartphone for those who certainly follow in coming to stay at ShanghaiTech with the Terasaki group, or elsewhere.

Please click here to see my tips on surviving in Shanghai.  I am contemplating writing similar articles for the other places I have lived.
Click here to see my tips on Surviving in ShanghaiTech.
Hopefully you can learn from any expensive and time consuming mistakes giving you more time to make the fun sort of mistakes instead.  Safe travels and get in touch if you need - we chat about our experiences without worrying about not being allowed back in the country.


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